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Accounting just like any other subject or form of art has its root in the past of the human civilization. Students find themselves at a loss in the subject of accounting which in turn becomes more complex with the passing time and more problematic to understand. However, no subject has ever won the title of ‘being hard to master’ and with the assistance of appropriate homework helper, no difficulty will be too difficult. SOCIALSTUDYHOMEWORKHELP.COM takes pride in refreshing and going down the road to discover the former practices of accounting.

  1. Accounting or accountancy came into existence along with counting, writing, and money. Accounting practices begin almost thousand years ago, which means that it originated in ancient times. Mesopotamia can be considered as the place of the development of accounting. Iran was the first place to have the method of bookkeeping. The Roman government was the first government to have access to thorough financial information.
  2. Medieval Europe was the birthplace of double-entry bookkeeping. Accounting came into profession in the nineteenth century when in 1880 the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales was formed.
  3. Even before the technological advancement, the numbers relevant to be put in financial records were assembled, categorized and analyzed to evaluate the position of profit and loss of the enterprise.
  4. In the ancient times, various accounting measures were undertaken to keep the right record of land use, animals, labors, and agricultural goods. The book-keepers utilized metals and products to mark a clay tablet with the stick’s end. The clay tablets were desiccated to keep the record in one place.
  5. Abacus came around five thousand years ago and replaced the clay tablets. The beads in the abacus could be moved across the frame which was an easier way to calculate numbers just like simple addition and subtraction.
  6. The second in line was papyrus. Papyrus that was made from the papyrus plant and served as an excellent source of recording tax receipts and other important documents as well. It was also highly used by the kings to keep the treasure in check and also to know the amount that might be used to pay as a tribute to other kingdoms.
  7. Egyptians used images, phrases, words and numbers to keep track of almost everything, which included various festivities, labors, agricultural goods and land use.

Accounting of various works helped in constructing critical decisions. Even today, the task of accounting has become complicated but if it is not done, it can result in losses of various categories. The study and process of accounting can be a burden especially if a student is not good with numbers. With the help of friends, families and tutors the task can be made easy however sometimes a student shies away from communicating his/her difficulty and that is when professional tutors from college homework help sites can assist and guide them on the right path. Such services deal and provide proper assistance in every field of study, such as statistics homework help and even finance homework help. Numbers are easy if one has the complete base knowledge of it. Visit SOCIALSTUDYHOMEWORKHELP.COMfor appropriate assistance.



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